After you’ve looked over the portfolio and decided you like what you see, you can contact me though calling or email. Which ever way you feel comfortable communicating. We will get to know you better and establish what photo package best fits your needs. With many ideas and possibilities to chose from, communicating with you is very important.
Before the shoot
  Next, we will schedule your photo shoot. Early mornings (6am-10am) and late afternoon to early evening (3pm-8pm) are the best times of day to photograph anyone outdoors. Where you would like to have your photos taken also a big part of this process. We’ll talk about what location best suits your ideas and interests. Depending on what photo package you choose, we may shoot at multiple locations or have a few outfit changes.
    Please note that a minimum payment, the bronze package, is requested at the time of the session and can be in the form of cash, card, Venmo, Paypal, or check. (Checks will be cashed right away to ensure it is cleared before I begin editing.) This is to ensure the time I spend on editing and photographing will not be misused due to a lack of payment.
Day of the Shoot
  If you’re not sure what to wear that’s okay! Wear clothes that reflect your own personal style. For multiple people its best to coordinate colors or themes (Plaid and blue jeans) or go for a half color theme like (blue and purple shirts.) If one person has red on and the others have white, that person in the red is the only one someone will be drawn to when they look at the photo.
  During the session, I will constantly be showing you the photos I am taking. This gives you the opportunity to give me feedback right away, so I ensure the photographs are to your liking. If you have ANY idea or suggestions, I would LOVE to hear them. If you have any props or items you would like to be photographed with, do not hesitate to bring them along.
Payment is requested at the time of the session and can be in the form of cash, card, or check. This is to ensure that time I spend on editing and photographing wont be rejected after I send you everything. (If you do not think we are a good fit any time during the session, please don’t hesitate to let me know.)
After the Shoot
   A day or two after the session, I’ll send you a link to view your online gallery and select your favorites. The number of images you receive will depend on the package you have selected. There will be a three week deadline for you to make your decisions before the link will no longer be active. (Of course, we can send you another link if you do forget. This is just to ensure everything gets done in a timely manner, communication is very important.
Once you send me the image numbers you wish to keep, it will take me no longer than two weeks to edit and/or print your selected images.
After I am done editing, I will send you the images online via email with the photo release for those certain images included. If you do wish to purchase all of the images from the session a flash drive containing the images and the release will be mailed to you. The price of this is determined by the package chosen and the amount of time we’ve spend photographing.
  In addition, if you choose to have images printed through my business, they will be sent to you straight from the print company.

Do I have to choose a package before the session? Can I change it after?
Yes. The packages give us a basis of how much time the session will be and how many photos I will take. The time it takes to go to multiple locations or change outfits is the biggest time concern. However, you can change the amount of final images at any time during the choosing process.

What about locations? Do we have to choose the ones provided?
You can choose any location you want for the photo shoot. The list provided is there for examples of the general places I would look for. Trees for shade, and an open space so you wont have any buildings or parking lots for backgrounds. Of course, depending on how far we are traveling there maybe an extra $45 travel fee. Generally, all I ask is notice in advanced so I can plan our time accordingly and don’t waste yours.

Can we choose the time of the photo session?
The time of the photo session is very important to get the best looking outcome. Photographing an hour to an hour and a half before the sunset creates the best look for any photo in sunny Colorado. Although, I understand if kids bedtimes are involved, the closer we can get to that time the better. There are definitely ways to photograph earlier however we will have to play around with finding shady spots to photograph in which may be a little restrictive. Having any photoshoot between 10-3 is a recipe for harsh shadows and squinty eyes.

Is there a sitting fee?
No there is not. However, there is a $50 booking fee for any session that is scheduled. That fee does go towards the cost of the package you select. This is to ensure that you will arrive for the photo session and if not, that my time and gas is covered for traveling and waiting. If you need to cancel, please give me at least a days notice or at the latest the morning of the shoot. Otherwise, the $50 booking fee will not be refundable.

Is a print release included with the photos?
Print releases are included for the number of images listed in the packages. There is an additional cost if you want a release of all of the images from the session. Your final email will come with high resolution versions of those photos along with the release form. If all images are selected, then a USB drive will be given and sent to the address you give me.

Do we have to print through you?
No you do not. Although it helps me out, if you do want to use another company or business you are more than welcome to. 
Although the prints you receive through me are high quality, correctly cropped for certain sizes, and color corrected. Any images you print through another company I am not responsible for any incorrect coloring, cropping, or distortion.
As you can tell I am a 100% on location photographer, utilizing scenic views from all around Colorado. Please note some other locations are subject to a two week wait for approval to photograph and an additional fee.

Aurora/ Denver Area
Cheeseman Park– Denver (Best for Morning)
Washington Park– Denver
DeLaney Farm– Aurora
Westlands Park- Greenwood village
Piney Creek East Park- Centennial
Lake House At South Shore- Aurora
Parker/ Centennial Area
Highlands Ranch Area
Golden Area
Golden History Park (Weekday mornings are best due to crowds and events)
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