Tips For Beautiful Winter Photos

Wherever you are in the world, there’s always a place on the opposite side of the globe where its snowing buckets.

Winter can be a stand still for outdoor photographers especially if you don’t feel like winter would be the best time for a photoshoot. It may be cold and snowing, but it can be quite beautiful if its planned correctly. Don’t believe me? Just look at the thousands of wonderful snowy outdoor portraits online.

It’s a time of the year for many that bring family members together and where Christmas cards are a must! Taking that photo while nature is at its finest gives you the perfect chance to really dig in to the holiday spirit.

  1. Dress warm! Big jackets and gloves are a must. The more comfortable and warm all of you are, the more time you’ll be willing to spend outside. Sweaters and flannels add warmth without a lot of bulk.  Wear warm socks with boots. Bring coats and gloves to put on between sessions.
  2. Plain colors with little to no graphic is highly recommended. When it comes to clothing colors for family pictures in the winter…just about anything works. Except white of course.
  3. Map out a rough idea of what kind of photos you want. There’s nothing worse than remembering that something was missed. Beyond the main ones; family altogether, individual portraits, children in play etc.

Have fun with it by picking out cute hats and matching gloves… Even with the cold, your photos can still be fun, and provide wonderful memories. 

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