A Guide to High School Senior Pictures

During the last year of your child’s high school experience there are two events that parents and children alike love to capture to memory. Let’s talk about the one you will need to plan for first.
  • Yearbook Photos

Yearbook requirements are usually given out during the summer before your child’s senior year. These requirements include a deadline, rules as to what your child can wear, and specs for the size of the photo.

The ideal date to take these photos for most parents is from the beginning of July to September. That is because almost every school requires these photos to be taken outdoors. While some schools do have deadlines that go into November, no one likes to be photographed next to a pile of leaves. (Although jumping into that pile might be fun for little ones.) . Depending on how busy the photographer is, its best to schedule and get these done at least a month before the deadline. If you are short on time, then you might be able to get it done in two weeks.

Talk to your photographer about possible locations and if they send the photo in. (Please note: yearbook photos do include a fee that photographers will not be able to pay for you. This depends on your location.) Any professional photographer should talk to you and ask you questions to help you with the photo journey. For example, requirements for what your child can wear can vary from school to school. However, most photographers will go by the basics. This means no spaghetti straps or muscle shirts, and shirts can not be a crop top or low cut. Which is why its best to bring two different shirts. One for the schools requirements and one they actually want to use for graduation announcements.

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