Should I Bring Props to My Portrait Session?

Props are one element of photography that is either widely requested or not used at all. Depending on each individual photo session, props can be a good way of adding a special item to a moment you would like to capture. While the main focus with props is generally on kids, rather than families. There are a handful of families that love using any prop they can get their hands on for that one silly photo.

  In addition, asking your photographer ahead of time about what props they do have will help you get an idea of what you may need to buy or bring. While there are some photographers that do supply props for a photo shoot keep in mind that since they’re using the same ones over and over again, the photos taken may be very similar to what you see on their portfolio or gallery.

If you want props to be a big part of your photo shoot and are going for a specific look. Then bringing a few of your own tends to create a more significant meaning to the photo. Similar to wedding rings for a wedding or engagement photo. A family heirloom that’s being passed down to the next generation, a balloon that says “big sister”, or even a shirt that has dad’s favorite on it can help create a whole different look.

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