Your Photo Shoot, Your Rules

 “You’re the photographer. What do you want us to do?”  This is a question a lot of photographers get when photographing anything from families to individuals. Of course, we have set poses we can do and ways to position you to make the photo more appealing. However, it may not feel comfortable for you.

  Whether it be a candid shot or something more staged. If you don’t feel confident sitting, if your sons smile is not genuine, or you feel out-of-place standing, the results we show to you aren’t going to be what you hoped for. This is one of the main draw backs in this type of photography. We don’t have the ability to know you as well as you know yourself or others. Those months, years, and decades of knowledge revolving around tiny details that we may not see in the few days or hours we know you.

Truthfully, we ask a lot of questions during the shoot and give you the option to choose any props we use or poses we put you because it may not be ideal to you. Yes, we may be the photographer, but we do not have the same eyes, or the same ideas. In any photo shoot, communication is key. Do not be afraid to tell your photographer that you would like to try something else. In the end our goal is the same.

Bee.H Photography

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