Your Photoshoot, Your Location

There’s one major part of photographing outdoors that plays a key role in how good the photos will come out. Location. It’s a big deal where your photos are taken and though it might not seem like it now, it affects the whole experience. If you don’t like where your being photographed at, you probably won’t be too inclined to see the results. The way you felt will be projected onto the images.

How do you go about choosing a location? Think of a favorite park you take your kids. Preferably a location that has some large trees for shade. The locations listed here are some examples of what we look for and are places we tend to want to photograph frequently.

Choosing a location that’s right for you may mean finding a place with familiarity, that you have an attachment to. That is perfect! Even better if it has some key elements us photographers look for. Don’t hesitate to run that location by the photographer and see if it’ll work well for your photoshoot. They might just be able to make it work for you.

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