What To Wear For Your Photoshoot: Children and Infants

Having your children wear something nice without it getting ruined after three seconds can be a struggle. Especially if what they’re wearing isn’t something they are comfortable in. This is can be any child from about three until seven.

One of the main things to do is just make sure that what your child is wearing isn’t mismatched with a blue shirt and yellow pants. The idea is to make a nice outfit out of what your child is comfortable in, especially when they’re being photographed by someone that they don’t really know. A sense of familiarity can help any child from acting out and help create great photographs and a good experience.

When you’re having multiple children photographed color coordination is still something to look out for to help achieve good looking photographs. Having a bright yellow dress on your daughter, while your son is wearing a dark red shirt won’t look very enticing when you look back on the pictures that were taken. Your eye will go straight towards that yellow, making the intended intention of showing both children only become showing one.

For infants, clothing is definitely a little less picky. However, the same intention of having them wear something softer and more comfortable is helpful. As the same implies for those a little older, wearing something itchy and scratchy on the skin may be something your baby won’t be happy wearing. Leading to the struggle of calming down a crying baby.

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