What To Wear to your Photoshoot: High School Seniors

When it comes to high school senior photo shoots there are various things to consider. A two outfit option is always the way to go and here’s why. There are two main parts that go into a high school senior shoot. The photo for yearbook and the photos for you, family, and parents.

The reason why I mentioned two outfits is because of the requirements the school has for what photo they will allow in the yearbook. Although these differ through each school its best not to end up in a situation where none of your pictures will meet the cut. This is solely up to you, the student and the guardian.  You always make the choices on what you wear, so please be mindful. A nice plain shirt and some jeans wont steer you wrong.

Most of the requirements include:

  • No logo or graphic tee-shirts (Unless that logo is the schools)
  • No  v neck or deep cut shirts or dresses
  • No muscle shirts or spaghetti straps
  • Must be taken outdoors
  • Must include this color scenery in the back. (There is one school that asks specifically a green outdoor background)

The yearbook photo is usually a cropped picture from the waist up. Even if your school doesn’t require it, it is beneficial to stay with in that crop. Yearbook photos are generally very small so ( please note these are different from buying a page) having a head to toe picture will make you even smaller.

   Now, both outfits don’t have to match. The one that isn’t going into the yearbook can be whatever you want. A low-cut dress, a graphic tee. So long as you, the parent or guardian, are okay with it then there is no restrictions. This pertains a little less to the boys, however, keep in mind the place you are having the photos taken. No one wants to wear a short dress and heels when you’re climbing by a water fall or hiking up Red Rocks.

  Last but not least, wear what makes you comfortable. No I’m not talking about sweats and a sweatshirt. I’m talking about your favorite tee-shirt  to wear,  or your favorite pair of jeans. Wear something that you feel like yourself in. Wearing a tux or something you’ve never worn before can make you feel a little uncomfortable or nervous.

Click here to see some examples.

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