What to Wear for Your Photoshoot: Families and Couples

As we all know, before any photo shoot, planning is always required. This does not mean just picking a location, time, and package. Outfits are one big contributor to the outcome of your photos. I know that might be the last thing on your mind when planning to have pictures taken, but it should be one of the first. Let me tell you why.

Planning outfits and making sure everyone is going to look their best can be a tiring part of the process. This includes hairstyles, keeping clothes clean on the little ones, and trying to color coordinate everyone. Having to many mixed matched colors can affect how you and others look at the final results. At many times, it can be visually distracting and take away attention from the subjects, you. It may seem okay at first, until your placed behind something that isn’t made to highlight one of those colors. For outdoor photo shoots that can be visually eye catching.

Here’s some tips on how to plan for this. The best colors to wear for any photo shoot are those that match your personality, the season, or your surroundings. Depending on your skin tone, you may want to wear darker colors or lighter colors. A light skin tone would get washed out with a light color like baby blue or yellow. Instead, try wearing darker colors like green, purple, or red. If you have a darker skin tone, a lighter color may work best like white, light blue, and orange to help you pop out of the picture. The hard part is to make sure that you and your family don’t look exactly the same by including different styles of clothing and different shades of the same color palette.

Color pallets include:

  • Denim and black or white
  • Black and White
  • Brown or Grey and Maroon
  • Navy and Tan/Cream
  • Crimson/Tan and Denim or Black
  • Red and Grey/ Black
  • Blush and Teal or White
  • Light Blue and Tan or White
  • Blue and Yellow or White
  • Orange and Teal or White
  • Light Blue, Tan/ White
  • Blue/Green and Yellow

Note: Color schemes can mean your shirt (denim) matches your child’s pants, and his/her shirt (black) matches your pants. Not everyone one in the family has to match completely.

For example:

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