The Places I Shall Go

My love for photographing landscape has always carried me to the most wonderful places. Now, I’d like to share those photos with you.

The map shown on the link below marks the places I want to travel to and the photo galleries posted on the page(s) will show how many of these places I’ve been.

Westlands park in Greenwood Village is a 28 acre park offering trails that surround the whole park. Great for a 20 minute walk around on a sunny day and a place for your kids to play.

Now, if you do take a look at not only the Colorado area on the map, but the surrounding areas you may see this spot marked. These photos were taken on a trip to California in 2018, the summer before I went to Pickens for photography. It had been my first time on a plane and my first time seeing the beach. A wonderful experience all together.

Near Manitou Springs, this historic site is unintentionally known for the graffiti that surrounds it. Over 100 years old, the bridge and water that flows behind it have been a favorite tourist site for those who find the hidden gem.

Located northwest of Denver, this 5000 acre refuge is a great spot to hike and see nothing but the mountains and the open fields.

This one is not so much of a hidden gem. Located in Arvada, this park is mostly known for the playground and water equipment that it contains. You do however see this beautiful creek that runs through it when you walk the pathway.

Located in Westminster, both parks contain great trails for walking and little gems along the way.

Hidden with-in Federal Boulevard in Sheridan, this park has the South Platte river flowing directly through it. Making it a peaceful and relaxing place to walk, fish, or relax.

Located in Englewood, CO. The land once held Native American Tribes and the earliest Europeans. Traveling on railroad tracks that spanned all over the heart of Colorado. If you don’t mind the walk it’s the place to go.

Located in Parker, Co. McCabe Meadows include some beautiful views to those who can see them. Definitely one of the most peaceful walks I’ve been on. Just watch out for the sun, these trails offer little shade.

The imperative paint mines in Callahan Colorado is a beautiful place full of trails that lead you through rock formations that have chemically been changed by the earth. Just try to go pretty early in the morning before the rush of people come in and bring some good shoes!

Mother Cabrini Shrine

Mother Cabrini or Saint Frances Cabrini 1850-1917) dedicated her life to helping those less fortunate. During her journeys in 1902 she traveled through many different regions of Colorado and purchased a summer camp for her charges on the east slope of Lookout Mountain in Golden.

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